What is Impact Labs?

Impact Labs is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides greater access to opportunities at the intersection of technology and social good. We connect students to seasoned social entrepreneurs, meaningful career opportunities, and capital to help ignite their ideas. Check out our website, and subscribe below for regular email updates.

A few of our initiatives:

The Impact Fellowship

The Impact Fellowship is for young technologists who are audacious enough to believe that they can change the world.

Fellows come together to learn from speakers in the tech & social impact space, level-up their technical and social impact toolkits, and spearhead their own projects to build a better world!

The Impact Summit

The Impact Summit unites budding technologists passionate about social impact while connecting them with social entrepreneurs, civic activists, and thought leaders who are leveraging technology for the common good.

The 2022 Impact Summit was held August 13-14 in New York City. Subscribe to our newsletter to hear when we announce our next summit!

The Impact Coalition

The Impact Coalition matches talented and enthusiastic computer scientists with high-impact startups, mid-sized social enterprises, and NGOs that are actively seeking talented engineers, designers and product managers. Think of it as the Common App for social startups: One application - over 30 participating organizations.

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